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We provide consulting services, rolling-element bearing analysis software, and have a small facility with a clean room. Our primary experience is the development of high reliability mechanisms, particularly for space environments. Here's an overview of our key competencies:

Skill/Capability Description
Software Inventor/developer of the ORBIS software (see Software tab for details).
Training/Education We provide training related to bearing fundamentals/mechanics and focused training on the ORBIS software (see Training tab for details).
Consulting We support your mechanism development projects. We have decades of experience developing space rated precision pointing and tracking gimbals, actuators, deployment actuators (both active and passive), and various moving mechanical assemblies. Mr. Halpin has developed more than 1,000 lbs of on-orbit hardware.
Mechanism Design Support Significant experience with electro-mechanical components, such as DC motors, resolvers, rolling-element bearings, harmonic drives, spur gears, RF rotary joints, cable wraps/twist capsules, stop mechanisms, ball screws, etc.
Analysis High proficiency with general engineering analyses, adept at applying first principles to simplify highly complex systems, and finite element modeling of complex mechanisms. Common analyses include: bearing analysis, assessing modal/frequency influences on performance parameters, deriving damping limits, assessing random vibration loading, fatigue, fracture, bolted joints, stiffness, stop impact, torque/force margins, non-linear contact, Fourier transforms, motor step stability, and time-based kinematic simulations.
Failure Investigation By employing general experience, analytical capabilities, logic, scientific methods, and standard root cause investigation techniques, we can help drive your failure investigations to closure quickly.

Special Events

47th Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium - Bearing Course

This is a pre-event class designed to allow attendees to take the class and go to the symposium. See the Registration page for further details.

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