Course Title: Rolling-Element Bearings: Fundamentals and Mechanics
Course Date: 5/13/2024 - 5/14/2024
Location: Virginia Beach Convention Center
Cost: $1,250 (USD)

Course Description

Examine fundamental geometry, kinematics, Hertzian contact mechanics, internal load distributions, preloading, stiffness and various nonlinear relationships of rolling-element bearings. Explore how system performance characteristics are affected by both internal bearing parameters and various bearing row configurations.  Learn about boundary influences, such as fit-ups and relative thermal expansions, and gain knowledge related to the design, sizing, analysis and troubleshooting of rolling-element bearings.

This course is ideal for engineers working with mechanisms that contain rolling-element bearings.  The topics covered are designed to broaden understanding of fundamentals, highlight important intricacies, and provide a solid foundation for both bearing users and those aspiring to become bearing specialists.


Class will be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center from 9:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m. (EDT) each day. Attendees should bring a laptop to class each day.

Lunch provided.

NOTE: A minimum of 10 attendees required to hold the class.


To register for the class please send an email to the following link and provide the attendee(s) name and contact information. You will then receive an eInvoice that can be paid by credit card.